Digital archives

Zakład Rękopisów Biblioteki Narodowej (the National Library’s Manuscript Depository) stores the poet’s typescripts and manuscripts, memorial documents from his childhood and youth, documents of family history, Jerzy Ficowski’s official and private correspondence (including correspondence with Józefina Szelińska and other sources of information on Bruno Schulz, with Marc Chagall and many other Polish writers), texts about the poet, materials for his books on Schulz and Wojtkiewicz, press cuttings, photographs and other materials. Division Manager: Anna Romaniuk, tel. (22) 531 02 26,,, Pl. Krasińskich 3/5, 00-207 Warsaw.

Biblioteka Donacji Pisarzy Polskich (Library of Polish Writers’ Donations), run by the National Library, contains files with press cuttings concerning the writer and his portrait photographs. Tel. 22 826 25 04, Dom Literatury, Krakowskie Przedmieście 87/89, 00-079 Warsaw.

Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe (National Digital Archive) has photographs from the writer’s archives, videos of Ficowski, recordings of poems read by the author and miscellaneous other materials. Head of the Photo Archives Division: Katarzyna Kalisz, tel. 22 572 16 21,, ul. Hankiewicza 1, 02-103 Warsaw.

Typescripts, manuscripts and the writer’s correspondence, as well as typescripts of his father Tadeusz Ficowski are available from the Ossolineum Library. Tel. (71) 335 64 32, (71) 335 64 51, (71) 335 64 52, (71) 335 64 99, (71) 335 64 30, ul. Szewska 37, 50-139 Wrocław. A list of those archival materials can be found under the link Katalog rękopisów akcesyjnych

The Polish Radio Archive’s collection contains over two hundred recoded broadcasts talking about the poet, using his recorded statements, works and translations, or containing Ficowski’s texts read by actors (some are available online, see the Radio Broadcasts section). Tel. 22 645 50 73,,, Aleja Niepodległości 77/85, 00-977 Warsaw.

Wydział Usług Telewizji Polskiej S.A. The Polish National TV has an interview with Jerzy Ficowski conducted by Katarzyna Janowska and Piotr Mucharski, two films on Papusza in which Ficowski appears, a documentary on the poet entitled Amulety i definicje and a recording from his 80th birthday celebrations. Tel. 22 547 83 60 (central catalogue) or 22 547 62 93, ul. Woronicza 17 blok D, 00-999 Warsaw.

Fundacja im. Jerzego Ficowskiego