The Foundation was borne out of longing. It will safeguard the poet’s place in Polish culture, preserve his memory and support initiatives that follow the spirit of Ficowski.

Elżbieta Ficowska


Elżbieta Ficowska -  żona Jerzego Ficowskiego, współzałożycielka fundacji

Elżbieta Ficowska, mother of Anna, grandmother of Filip, Karol and Lili, the poet’s wife for forty years, enjoyed the privilege of being the first to hear and to review Ficowski’s new works. She rejoiced the birth of every poem, and at the same time kept the home fires burning for the family. A confidant and a friend.

Anna Ficowska-Teodorowicz - córka Jerzego Ficowskiego

Anna Ficowska-Teodorowicz, the poet’s daughter, mother of his grandchildren Filip, Karol and Lili. She had a close affinity to her father, helping him with publications and maintaining the documentation related to his writing activity. Together with her husband, Andrzej, she co-published the first edition of Niepamiętnik, a very personal history of Ficowski’s family, which came out in 10 individually numbered copies. Her father’s books, with their beautiful inscriptions, remind her what is important and what he wanted to teach her.

See Last Will

See Last Will

See Last Will

Foundation Council
  1. Elżbieta  Ficowska – Chairperson
  2. Maciej Bednarkiewicz
  3. Marek Bieńczyk
  4. Krzysztof  Czyżewski
  5. Włodzimierz Grudziński
  6. Piotr  Sommer
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